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Ernie Houthuyzen Canadian Sales & Service Manager

Ernie Houthuyzen has represented The Verdin Company for many years. He began by installing and servicing Verdin clocks, bells, and carillons in Canada and has an in-depth knowledge of all Verdin products and equipment. Residing near Woodstock, Ontario, Ernie is centrally located in the country and has worked on projects from B.C. in the west to St. John’s in the east.

“My father began representing The Verdin Company in 1975. I have worked with him for over 30 years installing and servicing Verdin bells and clocks throughout Canada. Verdin provides quality products that stand the test of time.”

Ernie Houthuyzen

About The Verdin Company in Canada

The Houthuyzens with The Verdin Company

The Verdin Company is the premier supplier of bells, carillons, clocks and related products with over 55,000 installations worldwide. Family owned since 1842, The Verdin Company draws from 175 years’ experience giving voice to churches, universities and public spaces throughout North America. Today, The Verdin Company with the sales and service team of the Houthuyzen has sold, installed and serviced clocks and bells across Canada for more than 40 years.

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" The Houthuyzens have been important to keeping our bells ringing in the community."

- Susan D. -

" The nostalgia of a Verdin post clock is good for the community. A post clock is very much like a building. There’s a constancy to it. Businesses come and go and things change, but this is something that anchors the community."

- Carrol K. -

Our Products

Over 50,000 installations worldwide

Cast Bells - Verdin Canada

Cast Bronze Bells

At our Cincinnati facility we cast bronze bells using 21st century innovations and capabilities....

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Bell-Ringing Equipment - Verdin Canada

Bell-Ringing Equipment

Verdin offers complete bell restoration, including fabrication of new bell ringing equipment and...

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Electronic Carillons - Verdin Canada

The True Sound of Cast Bells

Whether voicing a church, a university tower, a city hall or a post clock, Verdin™ digital...

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Electronic Carillons - Verdin Canada

The Music of Bells

When it comes to digital carillons, the most important consideration is the glorious sound of the...

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Bell Towers - Verdin Canada

Bell Towers

Verdin™ bell towers for churches are specifically designed to preserve and enrich the aesthetic and...

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Bell and Clock Towers - Verdin Canada

Clock Towers

Verdin bell and clock towers create a majestic presence at a church or establishing a focal point, a...

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Post (Street) Clocks

Verdin™ course clocks are designed and manufactured using the finest materials and latest...

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Tower Clocks - Verdin Canada

Tower Clocks

Verdin™ tower clocks are individually designed and built to meet every customer's specific desire....

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Scheduled Maintenance

Contact us for a complete service maintenance program for your bells, clocks and tower. As a...

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Clock Restoration - Verdin Canada

Repair & Restoration

Verdin is proud to have installed bells, clocks and towers at over 55,000 locations around the...

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